• Independent Insurance Agent’s Sales Pitch

    Early on in every conversation I have with a prospective client I explain the advantage of working with an independent insurance agent.  So, I thought I would write a blog about those same advantages.

    As an independent insurance agent, I am licensed with many different companies, large, medium, and small – local and national.  This directly benefits my clients by provide them more options to find the best fit.  Every one’s situation is different, and no one company is a good fit for every person.  Every insurance company calculates their rates differently.  Something that increases your rates with one company may not be looked at as closely by another company.  As an independent insurance agent I can shop your business around to find the right coverage for your individual situation at the best possible rates.  Have a spotless record – I can find you unbelievable rates.  Have a lot of toys – I have you covered.  Good credit – I can get you good discounts.  Not so great credit – I have other options.  Driving record not so good – I have other options.  Own a business – I have options. 

    So what are the disadvantages you ask…?  Well those are all mine.  Independent agents typically work on commission only.  There is no base-salary to use as a safety net.  In addition, many of the companies that I deal with don’t spend loads of money on national add campaigns to draw in unsuspecting consumers… ;).  I have to earn my business by doing a great job for my clients so they pass my name along to their friends, family and colleagues. 

    See how I can put these insurance options to work for you and contact us today for a quote!

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